Sending and Receiving Faxes From Outlook

  1. To Send a Fax From Outlook
    1. Open outlook
    2. Press the new email button
    3. In the “To” field type this in:
        1. Do not put a 7 or 1
        2. Example:
    4. In the subject line – Type in the subject or the name of the person you are faxing- this will appear on the faxes cover sheet as the Subject.
    5. You can type anything in the body of the email; this will appear on the cover sheet of the fax under the “Comments” section.
    6. You can attach a pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, tif, etc..
    7. Press the send button
    8. You will get a notification email telling you if it went through to the other party, you should receive this notification within an hour.
      1. You will also receive a notification email if the fax fails for some reason; the failure notification can take up to a day before you receive it.


  1. To Receive Faxes in Outlook
    1. Everyone has their own personal fax number, you can look up your number or any other Transtar employees fax number in Outlook.
      1. Open up Outlook
      2. Go to the Address Book
      3. Double click on the person whose fax number you want to look up
      4. Click on the “Phone/Notes” tab
      5. Their fax number will appear in the Fax section
    2. Any time someone sends a fax to your fax number it will be delivered to your email account.
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