How To: Setup Email Account in Outlook

1: Open Outlook.

     1a: If you don't see a "New Account" window pop-up right away click on "File" in the top left corner, then select the "Account Settings" menu and click on "Account Settings"

     1b: On the "E-mail" tab select "New"

2: Fill in your name and credentials then click next. Take note that the email suffix is

3: At different points during the configuration of the new account you may encounter a prompt like this. Enter your network credentials just like before. Again the suffix should be

4: When you see this screen it is done setting up your new account so click "Finish".

5: Click continue or okay to close any remaining dialog boxes and restart outlook.

6: Shortly after you have authenticated outlook will present you with this prompt. Click "Don't ask me about this website again" and "Allow"

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