Global Protect Troubleshooting

Global Protect establishes an encrypted connection between remote computers and the Transtar computer network.  The following services are only published on the Transtar network, not on the Internet, so a connection to the Transtar network is required in order to use them-

      • iGoldmine
      • Sales Portal
      • Sales Forecasting
      • Reporting 
      • File Shares 
      • Phone System

If you are not in the Brighton office, or connected to Global Protect, none of the above services will work.


Check the current status of Global Protect

    Look in the notification area (The area in the bottom right of your screen, next to the clock) for this icon-   

           You may need to click on the small triangle at the far left of the notification area in order to display all the icons.

Once you find the icon, hover over it with your mouse, and a box will appear with the programs current connection status.



If Global Protect is not connected, right click on the icon and select "Rediscover Network"

This will force Global Protect to reconnect, and fixes many connection problems.


If this does not work please open a ticket on the IT Helpdesk and we will assist you.


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