How To: Setup Office 365 Email On Your Android Phone

If you need to delete your old account, and then add re-add it please start at step number 1.

If you only need to add your email account to your phone, please jump straight to step 6



1.  Open the Email App and press the menu button in the bottom left corner - then click on "Settings"


2.  Click on "Account Settings"



3.  Press the garbage can in the top right corner.


4.  Select the check box next to your transtar email account, then press "Delete" in the top right.


5. Press "OK" on the dialog box that pops up.


6.  Select "Corporate" from the types of email accounts available.


7. Enter your username and add "" to the end and your email password into the boxes, then select "Manual Setup"


8. Change the Domain\username field to your username with "" at the end.

BOTH Email Address and Domain/Username fields should have your username(usually your first initial plus your last name) with at the end!  e.g.



9. Scroll down a little bit on the screen and change the Exchange server field to:


10. Scroll down a little bit on the screen and select "Next"


11. Select the OK button on the box that pops up.


12. Press "OK" at the prompt


13.  We suggest you select the following account options:

Press "Next" when you are done


14. Press Activate on the next screen


15. Change the Account name if you wish (It can be anything, it only helps you identify the account)  and then press Next


16.  Press "Done with accounts" at the bottom of the screen


17. Press Ok on the dialog box that pops up.


18. You are done, your inbox should now be displayed.




















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