How To: Restore Files

In the event you need to recover a previous version of the file, simply right-click on the file and select the Restore Previous Versions menu option.

In the Previous Versions tab of the file’s Properties dialog, you will see all of the previous versions (or snapshots) of this file which have been captured. Select the version you want to view or restore from.

  • Clicking the Open button will open the the selected copy in the default program. This is the file at the time to snapshot was taken.

  • Clicking the Copy button will prompt you for the location where you want to create a copy of the selected version.

  • Clicking Restore will replace the current version with the selected version. You will be prompted to confirm you really want to do this.


In the event of a file being renamed or deleted, you have to view the previous version of the containing folder. You do this by right-clicking on some white space in the folder and selecting the Properties option.

In the Previous Versions tab, you can see snapshots made of the folder as a whole.

By double-clicking the folder in the list or clicking the Open button you can view the contents of the folder at the time the snapshot was made. You can see here that the Word Document has the original file name and the contents also contain the Excel file which was permanently deleted.

From here you can view or copy the respective file versions. Additionally, you can use the Copy and Restore buttons in the Previous Versions tab exactly as you would have against an individual file.


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