How To: Set Up Android Device Manager

1. Go to the Play Store app on your phone (It should be on your home screen, if not you can find it by clicking the Apps button)


2. You will need to have a google account setup on your phone, if you don't then it will prompt you to login or setup a new account as soon as you open the play store.  If you have a google account press Existing and then login, If you don't already have a google account select New and follow the prompts to make a new account.



3. When you have a Google account setup go back to the play store and click the magnifying glass at the top right of the window


4. In the search box at the top of the screen type in "android device manager" and click on the the first result (Make sure it is called Android Device Manager and says Google Inc. under the title, just like in the picture)


5. On the page that comes up click on the Install button


6. Press Accept on the App Permissions screen



7. Open up the app once it is done installing, if you are still on the Android Device Manager page you can just select the Open button, otherwise find it in the Apps folder or pull down the notification bar at the top and click on the message telling you that the Android Device Manager was successfully installed.


8. Once the app is open click on Setup Lock & Erase


9. On the menu that pops up click on Send



10. After you send the notification, drag down on the notification area by placing your finger at the top of the screen and pulling down, then find and click on the Android Device Manager notification


11. Click Activate at the bottom right of the next screen


12. Now that Android Device Manager is installed, you can view the location of the device and make it ring at full volume from your computer, to do this you must login to Google Play from your computer, you can do this by clicking on the link below or just searching for Google Play


13. Once on the Google Play site, click the Sign In button in the top left of the page


14. Login to your Google Account

15. After your logged in click on the button towards the top right of the screen that looks like a gear, and in the box that drops down select Android Device Manager


16. Click accept on the popup, if it appears


17. From this screen you should be able to view the location of your device if you misplace it, and you can make the phone ring at full volume (regardless of what volume you have the ringer set to)





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