How To: Add Goldmine Shortcut

1. Open Chrome (It's in the Apps menu)

2. Type the following address into the search bar:

3. Press the black Menu button in the very bottom left corner of the screen

4. On the menu that pops up, first look for an option called "Add to Home Screen" if that option is on this menu, then click it, give it a name on the next screen that pops up, and you are done.  If the "Add to Home Screen" option doesn't appear on this menu then click on the star in the top right.

5. Change the Name to Goldmine
6. Press "Save"   

7. Press the menu button in the bottom left corner again
8. Press "Bookmarks"
9. Find the Goldmine bookmark you created
10. Long-press on the Goldmine bookmark
11. Press "Add to home screen"

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