Personal Communicator Software Troubleshooting

Example Issues:
“My software is stuck on my screen”
“I can’t close out any boxes”
“I can’t hear out of my phone”
“I can’t see any of my calls listed in my software”
“My voicemails and call detail are in not in my software”,
“I can’t log into my software”,
“I can’t use the dial pad on the software”,
“I can’t hear my voicemail”,
“My presence buttons are not lit up”
“I don’t have any red, green buttons”
 “I can’t chat with someone”,            
“I get an error saying no sound device or card”
“Unable to connect to the server”
“I can’t delete my voicemails”
“My customer is complaining they can’t hear me when I talk to them”
 “I can’t search for a user in the software
“Customer not showing up in the call detail”
“Customer vm not showing up in call software”
“I’m having to restart this software 3-4 times a day”

Possible Fixes

Make sure the "Use my desk phone for audio" box on the bottom of the  software window is checked

Completely Restart The Software
  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  2. Click on "Start Task Manager"
  3. Click on "Processes" tab
  4. Find CUPC.exe, select It, and click on "End Process"
  5. Find cucsf.exe, select It, and click on "End Process"
  6. Start the Cisco software again
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